Residents of north slope worked in Abolition Acre area

Often people who lived in the African American community of the north slope were in communication with folk in the area of Abolition Acre as their work was  located there.

John Coburn’s clothing store at various times was on either Cornhill or Brattle Streets.  Coffin Pitts, James Barbadoes, George Putnam, William Cooper Nell were among who shared work space in the area.

Cordwainer Benjamin Roberts was on Washington Street at one time.

Charles Tyler had his boot black shop on both Brattle Street and Wilson’s Lane.

Henry Tyler had a clothing store on Brattle Street and other streets of the area.

On this site you will see an ad telling of David Walker’s clothing store, at 42 Brattle.   In the Liberator there are two references to Lewis Hayden with his clothing store at different times at 107 and 121 Cambridge Street, probably in the Acre area.  (Liberator, Aug 3, 1849, and Liberator, April 1, 1851)